IPTV is a pretty affordable addition, but no full substitute for regular TV. IPTV is generally less stable and the loss of programs or stutter sometimes happens, often by external factors beyond our control.

This is normal in the IPTV world. Fortunately we received here relatively few complaints, but it is equally important to read this through. We want to create false expectations. We always try to deliver within 24 hours, often you will receive your order within a few hours.

You are free to have a short period to test before you order a longer period with us. We would like to point out that we also offer a Monthly package, so you’re not at our firm for a long time.

Failures to report only through the customer support

We can not guarantee that broadcasters continue to work throughout your subscription. This is the risk of IPTV. If you do not want to run this risk, IPTV is not for you. Of course we do our best to keep customers satisfied. An Internet connection of at least 10 Mb / s is recommended. An internet cable is preferred over WiFi.

Your account is prepaid and you pay us in advance, you are not tied to a subscription or debit. Your account is personal and should not be shared with third parties. You can watch only one device at a time. For additional devices, you can purchase additional accounts. If you look at an IPTV receiver (MAC ID) receive no M3U link. This is possible with packages from 12 months. , Open a ticket. You can try our service 24 hours. You are positive and have convinced the test got working on your device before you place your order. Send us a mail if a station just does not work, this is part of IPTV. We do nothing with it and direct it go in the trash. Persistent failures can be reported via the contact form. Always check your Internet connection. Changes to the channel list subject. Broken stations are no reason for complaint. If problems persist long (~ 7 days), you can contact us and we will find out what this could be the cause. We do our best to let you enjoy a good offer. However, we can not guarantee that 100% of the stations continue to operate. External factors can influence here. NO REFUNDS When PayPal complaint / claim is your account immediately frozen. Always open a ticket.